Eight Hot Social Networks of Future


Facebook was the first one to set a benchmark in social networking by showing the world how a simple idea from three Harvard dropouts could change the way the people interact, meet, do business and even sleep. Sites like Pinterest and Foursquare also gained millions of customers following the same path with a slight change of social principles.

Some of the people still think Facebook is the last word in social networking. But check out these budding networks. Even though many of them apply the same social principles- incorporating location based services and binding the people on taste graphs- they help people to meet and socialize, not in digital life, but in real.

In the numerous new social networks, there are a few which stand out on the functionality and beauty by which they attract millions. Mashable had made a list of the best among them, which could be the social networks of the future.


Highlight is now the hot topic in social world. The geo location based social app surfaces information about the people who is near you in real time. It runs GPS, 24/ 7 in the background to keep you always connected. With the app, you can simply know everything about the highlight users who are sitting in a football field, if you find some interesting profiles which meet your tastes, you can send them a direct message or “highlight” them so that they will be notified about the same. The privacy features also allows you to be invisible from the rest of users by simply “pausing.”  


Here is a service which is definitely for the future. Since all the networks around you keeps a log of your past and present, forecast asks what you plan to do in the future. The developers hope that Forecasting your acting class or yoga section tomorrow night will encourage and inspire other friends to join the fun. Simply, it’s a fun and simple way for friends to share where they’re going.


Fancy lets you “fancy” anything in the world. It then files your “fancy’d” products into a sorted digital wish list. The eye catching site is very similar to Pinterest except the fact that you can actually buy the products on Fancy.


Localmind is for the local, spontaneous social users. It gathers all the information from the nearby users about events, restaurant specials, offers and attractions happening now. It gathers the location specific information from Facebook and foursquare check-ins. It will also award you with points for providing fruitful information and location advice to others.


Glancee helps users to make meaningful connections to new people. It explores the profiles of the people around you to discover the hidden connections including common friends, mutual interests and notify you so that you can meet up and create beautiful connections. It quietly works in the background saving all the information in the app diary regarding your encounters and events.


Sonar works in coordination with your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts. Once after surveying the accounts, Sonar determines your most appropriate connections and it will help you to learn more about the people in vicinity and assist you in activities including networking and online dating.


Path is a smart online journal which helps you share life with your dear ones. You can post everything from your photos, the music you listen to, where you are, who you are with and when you wake and sleep. You can also post these path updates to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


Gogoboat is like the travel guide Pinterest. You can get tips from the travelers, see where your friends have travelled, and share your own travel stories and photos to help others.


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