Find the Lost Treasure with Bluetooth Stickers

How often did it happen to you that you lose your tiny essential items, driving you insane while trying to identify where you left it the last time. And not very seldom do we feel at such instances, wish I have a search button here too.  Then be thankful to a U.S based company which has come up with a solution for you.


A Bluetooth sticker, about the size of a coin,  will be stuck to any of your likely-to-be-missed items like keys or wallets to track them. Now your item can be detected by the sticker which works through a smartphone app, Stick-N-Find, that has several settings to locate the missing-item. The app also further comprises of a radar-like-function. Now the Bluetooth sticker sends a low-energy Bluetooth signal with a range about 100ft.

Designers of this sticker suggests users to use such stickers on luggage during trips, so that they do not part from their valuable. They also say that these stickers are designed to work with Android and Apple Bluetooth devices.


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