If any accident happened to anyone, the first action by the people who are surrounding the victim will be the searching of ambulance. As most of us have mobile phone, the most important thing is to store the contact number of the nearest ambulance service.


Ambulance are maintained most commonly in hospitals. But nowadays some private agents for ambulance maintanence also have come. As these are private agencies, there a fair chance for them to be changing their mobile number. We will store the mobile number of these agencies only once. The emergecy will not knock the door and come. It may come anytime. So we have to be updating the mobile numbers often which is tough work to do. Because we have our works than this.

For this inconvenience the government of Tamilnadu has has introduced a scheme. As per this scheme the only and only contact number for the emergency ambulance number is 108. It is the ambulance for the whole state. When an accident happens, for an example road accident, the person who wants to call the ambulance has to dial 108 in his mobile and dial. The call will be connected to the nearest police station and the ambulance which is in the police custody will be sent to the place where the accident occured.

How should speak while calling an ambulance

If the person who wants to call the ambulance is one of the relations of the one who is wounded in the accident and trying to call the ambulance he/she shouldn’t be confusing the listener by shouting “accident” or “my relation is stuggling, come here soon” without saying the exact place of accident. Because the ambulance can come to the accident place only if they know the place.

The person who calls ambulance should say like “An accident has happened i the ABC place with land mark“. Some times we can tell them that “the victim need first aid”. So that they will some instructions to us to save the one who is struggling for life at the accident place.

Give way to ambulance

The worst thing of not giving way to the ambulance is happening in today’s hurry burry world. The one who hesitates to give way to ambulance should realize that we are delaying the vehicle which is going to save a life. If we are getting delayed because of giving way to the ambulance, we may go office late and wll have to answer our boss. But if an ambulance delays, there it risks a life where any one can’t answer.

Give way to ambulance and save lives

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