We are not going to New Year – #2014 ? #NewYear #Christmas

Something is very funny to see and heard in our lives; many things to happen around the universe, we are in tension world everyone get hurry to their doings. 2013 will go in a few days, now we are celebrating Christmas Eve. After December -31 entered New Year -2014, but we are not going to new year-2014. A secret is including in it.

In 2013 we have many happy, suspense, many other things we are seeing, and feel also. Many trends and developments are takes place, smart phones are changed the -2013, every one buy and used it, and it is easy to access of internet with it. Smart phones give great help to people and world; it gives rapid changes in people mind.

Google give many products to us Google glass, Chrome Cast, and amazing apps, many tech companies give more and more products to us, we are happy to see and used. Some of the videos like “Harlem Shake” in YouTube hit the net.

Now we are not going to New Year -2014 because the 2014 calendar is repeated, 2014 calendar is as same as 1947’s. The years of 1947 is a memorable and write in golden letters in over the Indian History.  India gets freedom from the British. In 1947 August 15th India gets freedom, from that at present India becoming super power in the world.
We are not going to New Year of 2014 go back to 1947. Think it is very funny, if funny is not in our life, it is a fruit less tree. Friends celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year. Thank you.

India’s Great Online Shopping Festival Is Back! #GOSF

Google, yet again launches its most anticipated ‘India’s Great Online Shopping Festival’ (GOSF) commencing on the 11th to the 13th of December this year. GOSF is a festival for online shoppers in India stretching out for three days inspired by a similar online consumer activity which is promoted by retailers in the US by giving good discounts to customers called the ‘Cyber Monday’, reports watblog.

Last year, Google had conducted a similar activity which created a lot of buzz in the online shopping sector, bringing together almost all e-commerce companies together in India.  It has been continuously innovating in India to make internet accessible to all and to get all shoppers under one single roof. 
It is reported that, last year GOSF saw a massive user-engagement which had directly increased the sales and traffic of all major e-commerce portals which had associated with it. Contradicting to that, few users and certain publications have reported discrepancies such as discounts amounts not being significant, boring items and overcharging.
This year, Google announced that Intel, Airtel and PayTM will be its preferred partners and that it has lots of new e-commerce startups lined up with massive offers. Though Google is cutting the cheese in the internet sector with ideas like never before, it would only be admirable if it doesn’t repeat the performance it showcased like last year.

Google honours ‘Human Computer’ Shakuntala Devi with calculator-styled doodle on her 84th birth anniversary

On Monday, Google paid tribute through its doodle to Shakuntala Devi on her  84th birth anniversary with a calculator font and her picture.


Popularly known as the Human Computer for her awesome ability to mentally solve complex mathematical problems, Shakuntala Devi was included in The Guinness Book of World Records in 1982.

Without any formal education as a child, Shakuntala Devi had the ability to memorise and calculate numbers mentally an ability her circus artist father discovered when she was just three.

A prolific author as well, she wrote books like Fun with Numbers, Astrology for You, Puzzles to Puzzle You, and Mathablit.

In 1977 in USA, Shakuntala Devi competed with a computer to see who gives the cube root of 188132517 faster, she won.

On June 18, 1980, the Human computer, Shakuntala Devi demonstrated the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers 7,686,369,774,870 × 2,465,099,745,779 picked at random by the Computer Department of Imperial College, London. She answered 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in 28 seconds which is correct. This event is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

With the ability to calculate the cube root of 61,629,875, and the seventh root of 170,859,375 without writing it down or using a calculator, Shakuntala Devi’s abilities were studied by Arthur Jensen, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley in 1988.

Jensen wrote in his report that the calculation was done and answers given even before he wrote the answer in his notebook. The findings were published in the academic journal Intelligence in 1990.

In April 2013, Shakuntala Devi passed away in a hospital in Bangalore from complications of the heart and kidneys at the age of 83.

10 Ways Android Beats iOS 7

When new, colorful, vibrant OSs, like Android and Windows Phone, were making their head ways in to consumer‘s psyche, iOS remained nearly still since its debut. iOS 7 is the first attempt by Apple at change. It turned out to be complete aesthetic overhaul of the interface. From the moment you turn on an iPhone running iOS 7, it’s different—every option, every app. The OS also sports amazing features like the Control Center, Lock Screen, Gestures Contorls, Slide to Unlock, Touch ID. All said and done, Android can still beat iOS in 10 ways, read on to know them as compiled by Business Insider.

#10 Endless Sharing Options

The new iOS helps the user to share the content of the handset through only a few choices like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. But Android opens up the endless options for the sharing task. It can list out all the apps that are capable of sharing the content, be it Mail, Whats App or WeChat . The capability also gives the consumers to try out many sharing apps that are flooding the Google Play Store.

#9 Third-party Software Keyboards

There not many complaints about the typing experience on iOS 7, but Android still offers more options. The Jelly Bean models already come with the easy-to-use and fairly self-explanatory Swype, the users can dive in to Play Store for third party alternatives.

#8 More Customization

Android offers you much option to customize the handset to suite your taste. If you don’t like your home screen try Nova Launcher or a fake Windows Phone 8. With Jelly Bean 4.3 you can get to make different accounts, each one having only selected apps. This especially useful when kids gets hands on your phone. So the iOS 7 offers no such liberty to the users.

#7 Visible File System

When you connect your Android phone to your PC, you can see the content of your phone displayed on the monitor as if you just connoted a pen drive. It makes it as easy as to transfer files between two folders of the computer. With Apple, there is a tedious process of converting files to the compatible form before they could be transferred on to iOS devices.

#6 Better Notifications Bar

Notification Center gets a huge overhaul and things are pretty different in iOS 7. Now you have notifications from the calendar showing what’s coming up, as well as a quick summary of the weather. The overcrowded notification can annoy you. And iOS7 only displays the updates, like new mail or SMS, but you have to go the apps to see the content you just received.   However with Android’s notification drawer, you can take action and respond without opening whatever app.

#5 Images with Contact List

Android can automatically import photos for your contacts from the contacts email accounts. Which makes it a lot easier to see your friends contact pictures in your virtual address book than it is with iOS 7.

#4 Google Now Trumps Siri

Google Search is the most preferred search engine by the masses. Google Now is extremely quick and can parse web pages to find the most relevant information. On the other hand, Siri produces results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine. However Siri can be appreciative when it comes to “assistant” commands, like when you want to set up an internal calendar event.

#3 Multimedia Ease

Android is fine with your music files, let it come from anywhere. There are bevy of music players like Play Music and Power Amp. However even with all the new things iOS 7 has brought, you require iTunes if you want to load your iPhone up with songs.  In the same way you need other intermediate software to convert photos and videos to be compatible with iOS devices, where as with Android, just transfer and enjoy.

#2 More Free Applications


Though Google Play doesn’t offer better quality apps than App Store, there are plenty of free apps that can fulfill your specific needs.  


#1 Unlock Options


With Android you can unlock the phone to any app you want, like accessing contacts, camera or messages, from single unlocking swipe. The new iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner is pretty cool, but it doesn’t offer cool options like Android does for unlocking.

Android KitKat Contest Comes To India, Winners Get Nexus 7

The KitKat contest that was launched in U.S. and some European countries has hit the Indian shore. Next time you walk into a store; don’t forget to get your hands on special KitKat packets with Android mascot on it. The delicious chocolate may get you a Nexus 7 tablet.


Google is giving away the tablet in every hour to winners and there are a total of 1000 tablets that could be won.

The contest will be active till November 15.

All you have to do is message a special eight digit code that you find on the KitKat wrapper to 9880298802. Users will have to text – SMS KITKAT <space> <8 digit code>.


Unlike in U.S. there is no option to directly key in the code on the company’s website, and you have to send an SMS to participate. You get a reply saying “we would contact you,” after sending the message. And the winners name will also be displayed on the company’s official KitKat Android page.


Breaking its norm of opting generic name of sweets and confectionaries, Google has opted to christen its next Android as KitKat than Key Lime Pie, the name we thought until recently. The next version isn’t Android 5 but 4.4. Google, to popularize the new nomenclature and its partnership with Nestle, has launched the contest.


Google Doodle celebrates John Wisden the creator of ‘the Bible of Cricket’

Google has celebrated the 187th anniversary of the birth of English cricketer, and creator of ‘the Bible of Cricket‘, John Wisden.

Born in Brighton on September 5, 1826, little is known about Wisden’s early life.


Following the death of his father he was cared for by the notable wicket keeper Tom Box who encouraged his cricketing abilities.

He made his debut for Sussex at 18 years of age.

At the peak of his powers, Wisden, who went on to play 187 first-class cricket matches for Kent, Middlesex and Sussex, was known as ‘The Little Wonder’.

He is widely considered to have been the best all-rounder of his day.


Despite his significant cricketing achievements, Wisden is today most famous for creating the eponymous ‘Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack’ after retiring from the game.

The Almanack was first published in 1864 and a new volume has appeared every year since then. Wisden 2013 is therefore the 150th edition.

When it was first published the Almanack printed ‘full and accurate scores’ along with facts about the Derby, the St Leger, the university rowing matches ‘and other Interesting Information’.

It has been published every year without fail since its creation despite the company coming close to liquidation in 1937.

The Alamanck was even published during the war years, despite the company’s headquarters being set on fire by a German bomber – destroying their records.

This remarkable continued publication makes the Almanack the longest running sports annual in history. Today a copy of the original 1864 edition is valued at around £25,000.

John Wisden died of cancer, aged 57, in London. He is buried in Brompton Cemetery.


Today’s Doodle celebrates the Almanack using the distinctive front cover font of the Almanack against the famous yellow background that has been used on every edition since 1938.

The Doodle also features its own take on the famous woodcut of two cricketers, by Eric Ravilious, which regularly appeared on covers up until 2003 when it was replaced by a photograph of a contemporary cricketer.

Facebook, Google Cannot Flout Indian Law, Says Court

The Delhi High Court Friday said that social networking site Facebook Inc and search engine Google Inc are bound by the rules of this country and cannot flout the law just because they are foreign companies.

A division bench of Acting Chief Justice B.D. Ahmed and Justice Vibhu Bakhru also directed the two companies to display on their websites the name and contact details of their grievance officers.

“We direct Google Inc and Facebook Inc to display the name of grievance officer on their respective sites. We also direct other intermediaries that the compliance (of the rules) be done in two weeks,” the court said.

It said the Information Technology (Intermediaries) Rules mandate that all social networking sites have to publish the name of grievance officer and their contact details.

“Just because you are a foreign company, you cannot flout the law. Like us, you are bound by the rule of law of this country,” said the court, also asking the central government to take steps to ensure that the social networking sites comply with the rules.

The bench also asked the central government to file its response on the allegations of petitioner that Delhi Police, Indian Railways and others have created accounts on social networking sites despite government departments being barred from doing so under the law.

The petitioner submitted that government departments like Delhi Police and the Indian Railways are not entitled to create accounts on social networking sites.

The court was hearing the PIL filed by former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader K.N. Govindacharya through his advocate Virag Gupta alleging that the websites have no mechanism for protection of children from online abuse.

The PIL has said that children below 18 years are entering an agreement with the social networking sites to open accounts which is against the Indian Majority Act, the Indian Contract Act and also the Information and Technology Act.

The plea has also sought recovery of taxes from the websites on their income from operations in India.

Source: IANS

How Tech Cos Celebrate India’s Independence Day

India, the largest democracy in the world is stepping into its 67 year of independence. It’s a day when the country opens up its colorful wings like a peacock in its full glory. The flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades and cultural events could be seen across its terrain. The tri-color will find its glorious presence on high buildings and polls; people’s attire; accessories; homes and vehicles; and more. But how do the tech companies celebrate the big day in India? Take a look at it.

#1 Google Doodle

Google doodles adorn the search page marking big events and have been received with lot of enthusiasm since its debut. The search giant dedicated doodles to India several times.   

Google has doodled on India’s Independence Day seven times in the past eight years, only missed out in 2009. The first one in 2005 had a simple Ashok Chackra that made up second “O” in Google. The Independence Day doodle for 2012 was more creative where “G” was converted in to Peacock with its long neck making the curve of alphabet.   The Google is all gearing up to bring a doodle to celebrate this year’s I-Day. Keep guessing what it will be till tomorrow.

#2  Flipkart Independence Day Offers

Flipkart, one of the biggest e-commerce company in India has geared up for independence day celebrations offering great deals in electronics, toys, home furnishing and other categories.

When it comes to electronic products, the site is offering lucky draws. The offer duration is from August 13 to August 16. During the offer period, everyday : 67 (marking 67 years of independence day) lucky customers will get 100 percent cashback; 158 (stands for 15th August) lucky customers will get 50 percent cashback; 1947 (marking the year we got independence) lucky customers will get 10 percent cashback.

Winners will be chosen via a lucky draw and will be informed via e-mail on August 30. Winner list will also be posted on flipkart.com Facebook page. Customers will get their cashback in the form of store credit and it will be credited into customers flipkart wallet account on August 30 and it can be redeemed on all products (clothing, footwear, accessories, books, electronics, etc.) listed by WS Retail on flipkart.com.

ALL customers (including lucky draw winners) will get an assured saving in the form of a store credit or instant cashback. Exact details will be mentioned under offer section on the product page.

You will get minimum 25 percent off on 1500+ brands of watches; an additional 25 percent off on selected brands, the offer holds good even for home furnishing.

#3 Google to celebrate India’s I-Day with “Google Impact Challenge.”


Ahead of India’s Independence Day celebrations this week, Google announced to launch ‘Google Impact Challenge in India’, inviting Indian nonprofits to tell how they would use technology to improve people’s lives.

At the end of the challenge, four nonprofits will each receive an Rs 3 crore (around $500,000) Global Impact Award and technical assistance from Google to bring their projects to life, the California-based tech-giant announced today.

“On the eve of India’s Independence Day, we’re celebrating the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship of the world’s largest democracy by spotlighting the best local nonprofits that are using technology to make the world better,” Nikesh Arora, senior vice president and chief business officer, Google said on a blog post.

#4 Wishpicker offers chance to send in wishes to freedom fighters

On the eve of Independence Day, a start up is offering people an opportunity to express gratitude to a handful of still surviving freedom fighters in the country.

The brainchild of two IIT graduates, the website ‘Wishpicker.Com’ , which began operations in January this year offers people a chance to send in wises to the people who fought for the freedom of the country.

The heroes – who are almost 90 years old now- include those who were imprisoned by the British, fought for the Indian national army, set a railway station on fire – among others.

“Our team got in touch with a few freedom fighters who are still alive, and on hearing their tales of courage and sacrifice, we realised that today’s youth has forgotten the hardships that our freedom fighters went through …” says Prateek Rathore who co-founded the site with Apurv Bansal.

People can log on to the site and leave their messages, including pictures messages says Rathore. A team from the website would present these wishes to them in person and senders would in turn receive photos of these freedom fighters with their messages.

“We are uploading the interviews of these heroes on the Internet, in order to spread awareness about the sacrifice that they made for the nation. We urge the youth to send in their wishes to these heroes, and make them feel special – something that they truly deserve”, says Rathore.

“Today we’re launching the Google Impact Challenge in India, inviting Indian nonprofits to tell us how they’d use technology to improve people’s lives.”

#5 Snapdeal is contributing to social cause on I-Day


The site says, “Celebrate this Independence Day by owning the Indian Tricolour. Say it with a flag All the proceeds from this sale will be donated to CRY (Child Rights and You). CRY is one of the oldest Indian NGOs working for the rights of underprivileged children of India. Over the last 3 decades CRY has reached out nearly 2 million children and has ensured lasting change in their lives.”

#6 Watch I-Day celebrations live on YouTube


The Indian Independence Day celebrations and the Prime Minister’s address to the Nation will be streamed live on Youtube. The stream will be made available tomorrow from 6:25 am onwards. The  users will also be able to enjoy highlight clips from the celebrations. The Doordarshan has tied up with Google for the cause.

#7 Varighty.com is offering I-Day themed products


If you are looking for the Independence Day themed pillow cushions, mugs and other such utensils you can get it on Varighty.com. The website is also offering great deals on other products including electronics and accessories, furniture, artifacts and more.  

#8 Amazon.in is offering books based at great price slashes


Amazon India has an offer to celebrate the Indian Independence Day. Amazon is offering 66 books (Kindle Version) for INR 66 each on the 66th Indian Independence day celebration.  The list includes Patriots and Partisans: From Nehru to Hindutva and Beyond Durbar, Yayati: A Classic Tale of Lust, As The Crow Flies, My Experiments with Truth: An Autobiography, Jinnah vs. Gandhi The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi, and 22 others. There are also offers on selected electronic, apparel and other categories.

Google to celebrate India’s Independence Day, to award Rs.3 crores to 4 winners

Ahead of India’s Independence Day celebrations this week, Google announced to launch ‘Google Impact Challenge in India‘, inviting Indian nonprofits to tell how they would use technology to improve people’s lives.
At the end of the challenge, four nonprofits will each receive a Rs 3 crore (around USD 500,000) Global Impact Award and technical assistance from Google to bring their projects to life, the California-based tech-giant announced Monday.
“On the eve of India’s Independence Day, we’re celebrating the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship of the worlds largest democracy by spotlighting the best local nonprofits that are using technology to make the world better,” Nikesh Arora, senior vice president and chief business officer, Google said on a blog post.
“Today were launching the Google Impact Challenge in India, inviting Indian nonprofits to tell us how they used technology to improve people’s lives.
At the end of the challenge, four nonprofits will each receive a Rs.3 crore (around USD 500,000) Global Impact Award and technical assistance from Google to bring their projects to life,” he wrote.
Arora said registered Indian nonprofits can apply online until September 5.
Googlers from India, and around the world, will review applications and announce the 10 best projects on October 21.
“You can learn more about the top 10 finalists then, and cast a vote for who you think should receive the Fan Favorite award,” Arora said.
“On October 31, I’ll join Ram Shriram, Jacquelline Fuller, Anu Aga and Jayant Sinha in Delhi to hear the 10 finalists pitch live.
As judges, we’ll select three awardees based on their potential impact, scalability and ingenuity.
We’ll also announce the winner of the Fan Favorite, according to your vote,” he wrote.
“Growing up in India, I’ve seen firsthand the vibrancy and innovativeness of India’s social entrepreneurs.
I’m excited to see their projects and support their ideas for how to use technology and Rs.3 crores to change the world,” Arora wrote.

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