Reason why TamilNadu suffers from dire Electricity shortage

The major reasons for the power crisis in Tamil Nadu are the following

1. Absence of a long term vision to increase availability of power by capacity addition and encouraging private investment in power generation compared to other states, over the last 10 years.

2. Overdependence on outside sources.

3. Considerable dependence on wind energy which is highly seasonal in nature and therefore not completely reliable.

4. Failure to reduce power transmission losses in the last 10 years.

1.Lack of long term vision

The following stats demonstrates how the gap between  requirement and availability of power in Tamil Nadu has altered significantly in comparison with other industrialized states between 2003-04 and 2010-11.



Comparing this with the situation in 2003-04, it can be seen that the status of deficits in most of the states was the same, except in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Tamil Nadu, in particular, only had a deficit of around 1% in 2003-04. This deficit has been increasing rapidly, especially in the last five years as can be seen from the graph below:


Anticipating a huge increase in demand, driven by economic growth, states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh put in added efforts to increase the availability of power. This was done both by increasing own capacity and by encouraging private investment in power generation. On the contrary, such a long term vision to increase availability of power was absent in Tamil Nadu.

Further, installed capacity in Tamil Nadu increased from around 13,000 MW at the end of the 10th plan to around 14,700 MW in 2010-11, representing an increase of around 12%. This represents the least capacity addition among all the states in this period.  States such as Maharashtra and Gujarat have capacity additions of 53% and 21% respectively. States such as Rajasthan and West Bengal increased capacity by as much as 43% and 47% respectively. This is explained in the table below:


The graph below will help you visualize better


2. Overdependence on external sources

There are five main sources of power in a state  – own generation, central allocation, power purchased from IPPs, short term power from the exchange and other sources (including wind mills). The sources of power for the various states considered here are shown below


As can be seen from the above graph, among all the states, Tamil Nadu is the most dependent on outside sources.

3. Over dependence on wind energy

All the capacity additions in Tamil Nadu were in private wind generation (R.E.S), which, as mentioned before, is highly seasonal. This can be seen from
the graph below, which shows sector wise capacity additions over the last three years:


Thus as mentioned before, the reason for the low generation by the state sector is the absence of investments by the state in stable internal sources.

4. Failure to reduce Transmission and Distribution losses

Tamil Nadu also has relatively low T&D and AT&C losses of 18% and 19.5% respectively. Even though these values are relatively low, they have remained at these levels for the past ten years. Tamil Nadu is the only state which has not reduced its T&D losses and improved the system over the years. This is evident from the following graph which shows the movement of T&D losses in the different states since 2002-03.


The main problem faced by Tamil Nadu in transmission is with respect to  congestion in the Southern grid. The following table shows the capacity of the Indian electricity grid.  Further, the southern grid is currently running at full capacity. This is a major problem for a state like Tamil Nadu which is dependent on outside sources of power. As can be seen from the graph below, the amount that can be transferred to the Southern Region is not high. (I am guessing the Kudankulam plant will solve this problem).


Future Projections

1. Projected Demand for Power

The graph below shows projected power demand in Tamil Nadu till 2015-16.



The following shows the break up of the demand sector wise:


2. Supply of Power

Total capacity that will be added in the state from 2011-12 to 2015-16 is 7310 MW, out of which 1860 MW will come from the state sector, 4250 MW from the central sector and 1200 MW from the private sector. The plants coming up in the state in the next five years are shown in the graph below.


The total power made available through capacity additions in the year 2011-12 is expected to be 11,536 MU out of which 6384 MU is generated from TNEB’s own capacity additions, while 4059 MU is allocated from capacity additions of Central Generating Stations (CGSs) within the state. Further, a capacity of 1093 MU will be allocated from CGSs outside the state (namely, NTPC’s Simhadri power plant in Andhra Pradesh and Kaiga APS in Karnataka). In 2012-13, an additional 2770 MU of power is expected to be made available due to further capacity additions by NTPC in the state. The graph also shows an increase in existing capacity from 65420 MU to 88478 MU. This increase is mainly due to higher generation through increased utilization of the plants commissioned in the previous year. In 2013-14, only one plant is likely to be commissioned. This is the 1200 MW thermal power plant, Coastal Energen, Tuticourin.

Strategies to be adopted by the state government: (Taken from the Draft of the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) of Tamil Nadu)

(i) Capacity Addition

♦Taking up new projects-North Chennai Stage III and IV, Udangudi project and its expansion, Ennore Annex, Kundah Pumped Storage, Uppur thermal power project, ETPS replacement, Tuticorin stage IV,
Cheyyur Ultra Mega Power Project etc.

♦Speeding up and expediting the completion of on going projects-North Chennai Stage II, Mettur State III, TNEB-NTPC JV Vallur, TNEB-NLC Tuticorin JV, Kudankulam, PFBR Kalpakkam, Neyveli TS-II Expansion

♦Exploring the possibility of adding 10000 MW wind  energy through various promoters; Setting up offshore wind power plants;

♦Setting up of Solar Parks;

♦Attract private investments on a commensurate scale;

(ii) Transmission and Distribution

♦Enhancing transformer capacities in the existing sub stations;

♦Bifurcation of high tension overloaded feeders and installation of capacitor banks at distribution transformers for injection of reactive power;

♦Conversion of low voltage lines to high voltage lines along with feeder separation to reduce the distribution line losses;

♦Segregation of agricultural loads from industrial, commercial, and domestic loads;

♦Adequate transmission network to evacuate the power generated from new plants and to distribute the customers;

(iii) Energy Conservation

♦Implementing Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) scheme to increase energy efficiency in domestic sector;

♦Improve the efficiency of the agricultural pump sets using appropriate incentive scheme;

♦Solar powered home lighting in 3 lakh Green houses; 1 lakh street lights through solar power;

♦  Energy conservation building code; Energy Star Labeling in Equipments

(iv) Fiscal Health of Power Sector

♦ Make the distribution system financially viable during the Twelfth Plan by rational pricing, bringing modern systems of management, use of IT, enforcement of accountability and privatization or franchising.

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Narendra Modi – the people’s politician #NaMo

Narendra Modi has been the victim of the longest running defamation campaign in India’s political history. It’s more than a decade since 2002 when media,left-liberal mafia,Islamists & communists and congress propaganda machine started their hate campaign against Modi.If one looks at the propaganda then she finds that same lines are being repeated every time and not only this but same propaganda has been going on for the last 60-70 years against nationalist forces! But opposition to Modi and the systematic mis-information campaign and slandering against him is the most shrill ever seen in India. It is therefore, necessary to analyse why Modi has attracted so much hostility that opposing forces have abandoned even the basic precautions of wearing the masks this time. The opposition to Modi stems mainly from following factors.



The Hinduphobia is so engrained in the minds of leftist brigade that it is perplexing some times. In their eyes Hindus are inherently fascist, communal and inferior people who have no right to self governance and empowerment. In fact they have no right to survival or to preserve their culture and spiritual traditions.

That is why genocide of Hindus during Islamic invasions when some 80 to 100 million people were butchered is whitewashed and praises are written for the barbarians who did that, that is why religious prosecution of Hindus in Pakistan, Arab countries and even in India is ignored or labelled a communal topic, that is why ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir is blamed on Hindus themselves or ethnic cleansing of Bodos in Assam is dismissed with a straight face.

Needless to say that this attitude is inherited form the colonial masters, after all what the communism is all about? Nothing but a strand of western imperialism and hegemony and on that a failed and disastrous one.So strong is the Hinduphobia that they have woven a whole fantasy world of ” historical and social” analysis to “prove” how evil Hinduism has been and the only way out is total annihilation of Hindus. So anybody who talks about one of the the largest ethnic cleansing in world in Pakistan and Bangladesh is shouted down as a fascist and communal because victims were Hindus and Sikhs. What is logic of Hindus in Muslim lands anyways, goes the Hinduphobic thought process! Hinduphobia has eaten up their brains to such an extent that they even side with the most regressive and barbaric forces of Islamofascism and shower praises on Taliban and feel “secular” in company of like of Jilani and Bukhari! It is, therefore, intolerable for them to see a leader who is proud of being a Hindu and can rise to great heights without resorting to Hindu bashing.

It is intolerable that he refuses to wear skull cap or splashes his pictures of throwing Iftar party unlike seculars like Mulayam who is only seen in the pics wearing skull cap and making dua at Iftar parties but never in a temple or performing puja! It is blasphemy that Modi refuses to believe that all burden of Hindu-Muslim unity is only on Hindus. After all when do we see any Muslim politician ever accepting Tilak on his forehead or throwing party on any Hindu festival? Of course it never occurs to Modi bashers that a Hindu too can have religious rights and sensitivities like others and horror of the horror a Hindu can have right to reject.Modi has demolished the anti-Hindu propaganda and stereotypes by showing the world the meaning of Hindutva through his developmental works and achievements.

He has revived the Hindu administrative ethos of the old-honesty, loyalty, hard-work, impartiality and entrepreneurship. It is the spectre of the return of the Gupta-Chola administrative culture, splendours of Vijyanagar and dedication of Maurayans which is haunting leftist-congressi mafia. And they are leaving no stone unturned to malign Gujarat and Modi.


It gives nightmares to castist-communal-communists, Congressi elites and upper caste Muslims that Modi does not belong to the so called upper castes but to a caste which lies low in the castist hierarchy. But he has broken the glass ceilings and threatens the little cosy world of the traditional elites by his mantra of mass prosperity and equality. And that he has done so without evoking caste politics is something which has shaken the whole political dispensation and the leftist “academia” (in fact less of academia and more of propaganda machine). In the castist-communal-communist pseudo history Hinduism is the religion of some invading “Brahmin-Baniya” aryan invaders who imposed it on the indigenous people.

Therefore, all others should not follow Hinduism (and convert to other foreign religions!) They mean that Dalits, tribals and the masses of India had no history, culture, religion and civilisation but all they think is theirs is actually imposed on them by invaders. In true castist mentality they believe that people never had any brains of their own and were not capable of creating their own culture,spirituality apart from what some Aryans imposed on them. And even today they are incapable of deciding good from bad and must,therefore, follow what the comrades tell them or evangelists feed them. By propagating this myth they have sought to systematically de humanise the Dalits, tribals and others to create a rootless and alienated people which can be used as the cannon fodder in their “revolution”.

In this they are enthusiastically joined by evangelists and Islamists who are sensing spoils for their schemes. It is this game which has been upset by Modi’s Hindutva -A proud assertion of people’s Dharma and willingness to stand up for the spiritual freedom and rights of Dalits and tribals and other oppressed sections of society and not to let them become a hunting ground for predatory religious organisations or to be tortured for being Hindu by castist-communists. This is beyond belief for mostly upper caste, mostly rich, mostly urban leftist mafia, congressi Rajas, mediapersons and “intellectuals”.

The upper caste Muslims, the promoter of Islamism and admires of foreign Turks and Mongol overlords of India, are insecure about their power and wealth to which they have grown accustomed to while muslims masses lived in deprivity. When was the power in the hands of the Indian muslims in the much glorified “Muslim rule”? Irani, Turani, Mughalani aristocrats schemed for power while Hindustani Muslims with their Hindu brethren worked in fields and paid taxes to fill the coffers of these invaders! Modi by refusing to buy in the distorted version of the history and calling Delhi sultanate what it really was-a barbaric military occupation of India by fanatic and often psychic overlords-threatens the hold of dogma of religion and pseudo history of past glories over the Muslim masses.

By championing the mass prosperity without paying homage to religious identity he has become a headache for Mullahs and Maulavis who are rightly sensing the ground slipping under their feet. That a so called low caste person can be the fountainhead of so much dynamism, efficiency and intellect is intolerable for castist leftist and media establishment and thus these two are hostile to him to the extent of insanity.


Modi by his straight forward refusal to do politics of communal appeasement and symbolism has become target of the all the communal elements in the country especially communists. He has focused on development and prosperity rather than caste and communal mobilisations. And by this he has enhanced its appeal across the religious, regional and caste divides. This upsets the game plan of those who seek to keep India permanently fractured along communal lines and gives sleepless nights to the old political guard who simply cannot imagine a post communal politics.


Modi’s politics of development and not of emotions and identity challenges the status quo of the political culture in India. He offers no Muslim reservation, no free laptops, no subsidies and no other freebies but his work record and developmental agenda. Gujarat has grown under him as the dynamic hub of opportunities, business and entrepreneurship. It is attracting not only investments form India and abroad but also the talents. He has promoted a liberal and market friendly economic policies and thus increased prosperity, jobs and social mobility.

The caste system is based on the two foundations-endogamy and denial of economic freedom. People are trapped in their respective professions which they have inherited by the accident of the birth. The central point in the caste system has been the denial of the economic freedom often enforced by the perpetuation of the violence. And it is on the economic freedom that all our other freedoms rest. The caste system can be broken only by providing antidote-economic liberty-to the fundamental reason that sustains it. Modi by following this policy has rattled the socialist brigade who see the lifetime of their work collapsing like a heap of card. Caste system cannot be overcome by socialism as many people falsely believe.

In fact, caste system is very much like socialism as it imposes the dictate of the society on the individuals, reduces the scope of individual entrepreneurship & choice and places the society above individual. People are told what they should think rather than what they actually think. Socialism can only strengthen caste system and identities as can be seen in communist dominated states of W.B, Kerala or heartland of socialist politics i.e. U.P, Bihar etc. The double digit industrial and agricultural growth in this global recession is envy of the whole India. Modi has proved that the decisive and visionary leadership can deliver results and that he is the most efficient and visionary political leader in the country.

This gives cold feet to the samajwadi typos who never want people to come out of castism and poverty otherwise who will be fooled by their samajwadi utopia? The Likes of Mamta, Mulayam, Commies and Congressi are sensing the coming rebellion in the states they continue to oppress as the Gujarat model convinces more and more people that things can change for better and Hindutva is that change.

National security

Modi’s no nonsense approach to the internal and external security stands in sharp contrast to the manipulative and cowardly approach by the opposition. In the ten years of the Modi’s rule Gujarat has seen no communal riots (with the exception of the 2002 riots after a Muslim mob burned train coach at Godhara and when Modi had just assumed power). Where as U.P is burning under communal riots under “secular” Samajwadi Sarkar, In Assam illegal Bangladeshis are doing ethnic cleansing of the helpless tribals, In Hyderabad fascists and communal elements like MIM’s Owasi are having the free run! But of course no body is calling Mulayam-Akhilesh or Tarun Gogai fascist or communal.

It is clear Modi is being targeted for very different reasons which have nothing to do with 2002 riots or concerns for minorities. Modi’s refusal to even entertain question of religious or ethnic identity of the terrorist worries those who ask for mercy for Afzal Guru and Kasab or LTTE terrorists. The prospect of Modi in charge has rattled the powers that be who could count about weak and reptilian politicians to save their pets in the name of minority or majority grievances and manufactured dissents. It is clear that Modi will not tolerate these sinister forces like those behind Kundankulan protests, Maoist vandalism or aggressive evangelism wearing the mask of human rights and anti- caste discourses which seek to install a sense of alienation among different sections of the society. These forces have not found any foothold in Modi ruled Gujarat and they fear that their free run in rest of India will come to an end if ever Modi assumes the national role.

Hence, the massive and unprecedented international campaign by ” rights” groups and lobbying with foreign governments by shadowy groups against Modi.

But despite these shameless efforts by sinister elements to malign Modi his popularity has risen across the country and sections of the society.

His recent interview to Shahid Siddique ( which drove seculars to silly theatric, even expelling Siddique from S.P) and Google hangout broke the siege the Media had built around people and Modi.

Modi’s work and track record speaks for it self and that is why people have given repeated mandate for him and his government. That is why he is the most preferred candidate for the top post in the country. Nothing can stop the awakening of the people who are desperate to get rid of corrupt-castist-communal-communist political culture to which India has descended.

[  The author of this post is a research scholar from JNU. But he would like to remain anonymous due to considerations about the left leaning culture in his centre and especially the hatred for Modi prevalent there.]

Freedom Offers you can get benefited on this Independence Day #INDIA

 1 . Tata Docomo launches ‘Freedom Offer’ for prepaid GSM subscriber


On the eve of India’s 67th Independence Day, Tata Docomo has launched a new offer named as the ‘Freedom Offer’ for its pre-paid subscribers in various circles. According to the offer, a Docomo subscriber will get to use 1.9GB of 2G data for free for 7 days from the date of the recharge of the scheme.

 This offer is valid only for the Docomo’s GSM prepaid users on 2G network and will be applicable on recharges done till August 31, 2013. For Andhra Pradesh circle, the recharge pack is available for Rs 32, while for Chennai the same pack will cost Rs 31.

2. Aircel Launches Independence Day ‘Full Freedom – Full Talktime’ Offer


Aircel, this Independence Day is offering its customers a unique and exciting product – ‘Full Freedom – Full Talktime’. With this product, Aircel aims to redefine the user experience by offering Full Talk Time (FTT) starting from Rs. 10 in Western region.

Aircel constantly makes efforts to offer exciting products and services for its customers. The company strives to bring an element of ‘Extra’ in its products as a simple way to bring joy and happiness to its customers. Recently, Aircel has introduced noteworthy products in the market like ‘One Nation One Rate’ which made roaming charges free, PocketBuddies, Pocket Internet Games, Pocket Internet 24, amongst others.

Harish Sharma, Regional Business Head – West, Aircel, said, “This Independence Day, Aircel is bringing a best value for money product for its customers which gives them freedom to get FTT for as low as Rs. 10. The product will allow us to take giant strides in the voice market by making it convenient and affordable for our customers.”

New Customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra Goa and Gujarat circle :  Price Rs. 91  –  Benefits –: FTT on subsequent recharges starting from Rs. 10/30/90 (offerValidity 180 days).

Existing Customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra – Goa and Gujarat circle : Price Rs. 27  —:  Benefits – FTT on subsequent recharges starting from Rs. 10 (offer validity 60 days).

3. Cathay Pacific Airways launches ‘Freedom offer’


In order to celebrate the Indian Independence Day this year, Cathay Pacific Airways has launched the ‘Freedom offer’, as per a release. The offer is valid from August 14 to 19. Passengers booking tickets during this period have the freedom to change their date of travel multiple times free of cost. This offer is valid for all bookings made in India for travel from India to any destination on the Cathay Pacific and Dragonair network during the period.

Cathay Pacific Airways along with sister airline Dragonair offers connectivity to over 170 destinations in 40 countries.

4. Celebrate Independence Day with Hidesign’s Freedom Offer!


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5. LG ‘Freedom Festival Offer’ on Cinema 3D Smart Televisions


LG introduced Freedom Festival Offer on its Cinema 3D smart televisions.  Consumers can purchase the television on easy installment schemes.  Blu-Ray player worth Rs. 1990 is also offered with every purchase of the television.

LG has come up with Freedom Festival Offer on its Cinema 3D Smart televisions to celebrate the Independence Day with LG.  Cinema 3D smart Televisions are offered with nod own payment.  They are also offered with special discount prices.  Along with the discounts, a free Blu-Ray player worth Rs. 9,990 is also offered with every purchase of Cinema 3D smart televisions.  Freedom Festival Offer is applicable on Cinema 3D smart televisions above 42 inches screen.

The Cinema 3D smart models and their offer prices are given here on which LG is offering Freedom Festival offer.  All the 3D Smart televisions are available on finance schemes with no processing fee, no verification or no hidden costs.  Standard Chartered, SBI card, Baja Finsery, Citi Bank, HDFC bank, ICICI credit card can be used to purchase the televisions.

  • Model number 55LKA6910 is offered for a price of Rs. 1,79,990 and the EMI is Rs. 11,999
  • 47LA6910 is offered with a price tag of Rs. 1,08, 990 and the EMI is Rs. 7,266
  • Model number 42LA6910  is offered under Freedom festival offer for Rs. 89,990 and the EMI is Rs. 5,999
  • 55LA6200 is offered for Rs. 1,46,990 and the EMI is Rs. 9,799
  • Model number 42LA6200’s offer price is Rs. 78,990 and the EMI is Rs. 5,266
  • 47LA6620 is another model available under Freedom Festival Offer and the offer price is Rs. 98,990 and EMI is Rs. 6,599
  • 42LA6620 is another TV in this scheme and it is offered for Rs. 81,990 and the EMI is Rs. 5,466

Blu-Ray player worth Rs. 1,999 is offered on the purchase of all the above LG Cinema 3D Smart television models.  Some of the features of the handset are voice and gesture control with the magic remote.  Time machine is another features which allow internal recording, scheduled recording and live playback.   2D content can be converted in to 3D.

LG is also introduced another combo offer in which model number 32LN5650 Jazz 1200W PMPO is which is worth Rs. 37,000  is offered along with Songstar which is worth Rs. 14,990.  Both the devices are offered for a combo price of Rs. 46,990.  Consumers can save up to Rs. 5,000.

6. BSNL has announced revised SMS Packs

bsnl-logo 100612

BSNL has announced revised SMS Packs and one new SMS STV for all the 2G and 3G prepaid customers. The SMS packs priced at Rs 12, Rs 24, Rs 31 and Rs 52 offering (network to network) Local/National SMS at 0.5p per SMS and (BSNL to others) Local/National SMS at 10p per SMS

7. Paytm Coupon ‘FREEDOM’


On using coupon ‘FREEDOM’, those who use Paytm will receive 100% cashback on their recharge. This cashback will be reflected in 3 days within recharge and it will be valid up to August 15.

8. JustRechargeIt


On the occasion of Independence Day, 500 Lucky Winners will be given 50% or maximum up to Rs 50 cashback on recharges worth Rs 100 and above. The cashback will be added into your JRI Card.

9. Loop Mobile  


Loop Mobile is providing its subscribers in Mumbai with a host of offers including Independence Day CRT. The Independence Day songs are featured on top deck of Jukebox (543213), @cafe WAP portal features a dedicated zone for Independence Day downloads and Independence Day MP3 downloads being promoted on USSD (*234*2#).

Besides these offers announced by the telcos, the online recharge websites are also offering several discounts. Below are a couple of them.



MTNL has announced two new full talktime offers for its customers in Delhi circle. These offers are applicable to both 2G and 3G customers. These offers are valid only for one week from August 12 to August 16.



On the eve of the Independence Day (August 15th), Sun Direct announces a limited period special offer priced at Rs.1947 for the Cinema + Sports pack valid from 14th to 18th August 2013. This subscription comes with 2 months subscription free. Cinema + sports pack comes at a great value of just Rs. 185 per month with 130+ channels and cheapest Cinema + sports offering among the DTH Players. This includes a range of sports and entertainment channels, with nonstop movies round the clock. The freedom offer delivers non-stop entertainment value at a very affordable price point.

This new pack is sure to address the complete entertainment needs of the entire family with the addition of 4 new popular sports channels ESPN, Star Sports, Star Sports 2 and Star Cricket- at an amazing price point. Sun Direct has also added ESPN HD and Star Cricket HD as part of their HD offering. What’s more, customers can now record their favorite serials and movies with Sun Direct offering video recording at no extra cost on all its SD + and HD + boxes.

12. India Today Group Digital rolls out ‘Freedom Offer’!


In its endeavour to celebrate 67 successful years of Indian independence, India’s leading media conglomerate, the India Today Group, has slated attractive discount offers on subscriptions of all its 18 digital magazines. The ‘Freedom Offer’ season by the group begins from 1st August’13 to 31st August’ 13 and will enable modern day readers to enjoy attractive discounts on both print and digital issues of single, three month, six month and annual magazine issues.

The season’s ‘Freedom Offer’ by the group is in line with India’s 67th year of independence where magazine lovers can enjoy discounts on magazine subscriptions i.e. 67% off on a year’s issues, 50% off on issues for six months, 25% off on issues for three months and 10% off on print and digital combination subscription offers.

The Group has also expanded its overall digital magazine portfolio introducing Prevention India Digital and Women’s Health India Digital editions recently. Other digital magazines from the group include India Today (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu), Business Today, Gadgets & Gizmos, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, Harper’s Bazaar, Money Today, Travel Plus and Ten Years of Sex Survey. The group magazines keep the reader updated with the best of information pertaining to various genres such as politics, health, business, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and India and world.

About India Today Group Digital Magazines

The digital media landscape is changing and is witnessing new reading trends amongst readers. In a very short span of time, India Today Group Digital has been instrumental in reaching out to its viewers, and the growing popularity of its magazines is a testimony of the group’s impactful reach to a wide variety of audiences. The digital magazines offered by the group provide impressive readability with moving covers, rich multimedia content that too at super deals across a variety of digital platforms.

  • One year subscription-67% off
  • Six month subscription-50% off
  • Three month subscription- 25% off
  • One month subscription-10% off

13. British Airways is offering 15 per cent discount on its fares to London and North America

from Indian cities to mark the country’s 67th Independence Day (I-Day)


Indian passengers travelling via London-Heathrow will also benefit from the airline’s Terminal-5, which provides seamless connections to over 200 destinations in partnership with American Airlines.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific has announced a “Freedom Offer”, which lets passengers change their travel dates anytime on tickets booked between 14th and 19th August 2013. These tickets can be booked for travel from India to any destination on its network.

Some other airlines are asking passengers to pay 66 per cent of base fare for tickets booked on Independence Day, agents said.

British Airways’ offer is available only on the first and club world cabins, starts from August 15 and will end on August 18 on outbound travel from September 1 to December 20, the airline said in a statement.

Coinciding with the I-Day fete, the airline is also showcasing some of its iconic photos from its heritage collection, which captures its first flight to Delhi and its national crew uniforms, including the Indian sari uniform.

14. Fiat India Freedom Drive


Fiat India has launched ‘Freedom Drive’ to give customers an opportunity to drive away for a total of three nights for those who book a Fiat car to a destination of their choice.

The company also offers an exciting exchange package wherein customers can take advantage of benefits upto Rs 1 lakh in exchange of their old car, and on booking Linea or Punto, assured gifts are the order of the day.

Free checkups for Fiat vehicles are also on offer and customers are requested to take their vehicles to allocated Pit Stops in Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad on August 14 and 15 for a free check and advice on maintenance on their vehicles. This checkup camp is being offered to ensure that all Fiat cars are in perfect condition so as to ensure trouble free rides to customers as they head to their destination getaways.

Fiat Freedom Drive offer is valid till 18th August 2013 and is being initiated by the company to continue with their long term commitment to customers across the country and to create a closer bond between the company and their clientele.

Is NAMO not secular ?

Who is Secular?

People say Narendra Modi is not secular because of the Gujarat Riots.
That’s because young India doesn’t know the history of India pretty well, or rather I would say that all the paid media has always helped hiding the facts and has disguised Indians.
Are the 2002 riots the only one to happen in independent India?
Just to name a few, following is the list of major riots in India after Independence:
1. Bhagalpur riots of 1967.
2. 1969 – Gujarat Riots –More than 2000 killed —-Source:
3. 1984 – Anti-Sikh riots, (Delhi, Kanpur, India) –More than 3000 Sikhs were killed —–Source:
4. 1984 – Operation Blue Star (Amritsar, India) –More than 2700 massacred officially (unofficially more than 4000 sikhs were killed) —-Source:
5. 1990 – Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus — More than 300 Kashmiri Pandits Killed —- Farooq Abdullah as CM — Source:
5. 1992 – Bombay Riots –More than 2000 Killed —-Source:

The Anti-Sikh acts of violence were well organized with support from the then Delhi police officials and the central government headed by Indira Gandhi‘s son, Rajiv Gandhi.

In the 1970s, during the Indian Emergency imposed by Indira, thousands of Sikhs campaigning for autonomous government were imprisoned. The sporadic violence continued as a result of an armed Sikh separatist group which was designated as a terrorist entity by the government of India. In June 1984, during Operation Blue Star, Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian Army to secure the Golden Temple and eliminate any insurgents, as it had been occupied by Sikh Separatists who were stockpiling weapons.
The Operation Blue star was carried out by Indian army troops with tanks, artillery, helicopters and armored vehicles and was ordered by Indira Gandhi.

The violence in Delhi was triggered by the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Prime-minister of India, on 31 October 1984, by two of her Sikh bodyguards in response to her actions authorizing the military operation. The Government of India reported 2,700 deaths in the ensuing chaos.

This is just a gist of many more riots happened in independence India. So if we compare this with Gujarat‘s 2002 Godhra riots where a muslim mob comes and locks all the passengers in sabarmati exp train throwing out 140 litres of petrol over it only to burn hundreds of people alive, the Godhra riots looks like a trailer when compared to the massacre that congress did in early 80’s.
After this there were riots happening in Gujarat in which many culprits were killed in the shoot at sight orders. Following this from past 11 years there is no sign of violence in Gujarat.

* Why don’t the media project the insane acts of congress government? Why is that the young Indians are not educated with other facts by media?
* When Modi comes out and says hang me if i he is guilty, he is not secular?
* When supreme court give him clearance on Godhra riots, he is not secular?

After giving equality and justice to all residents of Gujarat, ( whether Hindu, Muslim, parsi ) is Modi still not secular?
Modi’s definition of secular is: “India First. In whatever we do or decide India must get priority”. That’s why Gujarat has shown such a tremendous amount of progress.
Its time to search for the facts and then point out that who is wrong and what is wrong.
And not being a puppet of what media projects to us.
My appeal to all you guys will be to go through the links i have provided and think for yourself for a better future.
We all want India’s prestige of “Sone Ki Chidiya” to be back. But it will only happen if young India makes their own opinions and decisions and understand the facts.

***JAI HIND***

Smart NAMO – The Narendra Modi Branded Android Smartphone

There is a happy news for Narendra Modi’s fans & followers that a company, which is owned & run by a bunch of businessmen from Gujarat, is going to launch new Smartphone in the market which will be named after the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. The name of the phone will be “smart NAMO”. The name NAMO is selected since this is the nick name with which Modi is quite famous among his fans & followers.

namoImage : ThinkDigit

The phone will be manufactured & launched by this China based company and wish to use the Modi’s signature name ‘NAMO’ for their Smartphones. The company has not taken the official grant yet and is planning to meet the CM himself for official permission to use his signature name. The phone will be android based Smartphone with latest advanced features.

The spokesperson, Mr. Ameet Desai, from the Smart NAMO has revealed that the idea behind this Smartphone is also inspired from China’s old tradition to name Smartphones and mp3 on their popular leaders’ signature names. This is the reason behind the company’s idea to start this Smartphone. The production unit will be established in Gujarat itself and the design will be finalized once the official approval is granted to the company.

This new Smartphone, as experts say, will be a huge success due to the enormous fan following of the Gujarat CM globally. Smart NAMO will be available in various versions – with 1 GB RAM combined with 16 GB ROM and also a 2 GB RAM combined with 16, 32, and 64 GB ROM. The display screen as supposed will be 5 inch with full HD and 1920x 1080 pixels resolution, Android 4.2, a 1.5GHz quad-core Mediatek chipset along with Gorilla Glass 2 protection, 13MP camera, dual SIM functionality and 2500 mAh battery.

The phones will start from a price range of 1000 INR and will go up to 16,000 INR.

Restaurants to Serve Dishes Named After UPA Scams

The drama hasn’t ended yet for the UPA government; after Hotel Aditi that had criticized the UPA government in its bills, now restaurants in Gujarat may serve dishes named after UPA scams.


From “2G ka samosa” to a toasted “Coalgate sandwich”, restaurants in Gujarat may soon add some flavor of politics, reported Tushar Tere for TNN.

Further, members of the Gujarat Rajya Hotel Federation (GRHF) have decided to stand up for Mumbai eatery Aditi Restaurant that was asked to shut down by Congress workers for criticizing the UPA government in its bills. The GRHF has more than 6,000 members across the state.

Hotelier and GRHF member Ashwin Gandhi discussed the proposal with other federation members and said “Naming food and drinks after scams is an apt reply,” as reported by TOI. He added that “Every citizen has the right to express his views.”

The controversy sparked after Mumbai based Aditi Restaurant started issuing bills that had a message at the bottom of the printed receipt saying, “As per UPA govt eating money (2G, coal, CWG scam) is a necessity and eating food in AC restaurants is a luxury.”


The GRHF was tense over the new service tax on restaurants that was imposed by the Centre a few months ago.

Sanat Relia, Southern Gujarat Hotel Association vice-president said “Bofors, 2G and other scams would appear on our menu once the proposal is approved.” He said that “We made several efforts to convince the Centre to remove the new service tax, but to no avail. Such a protest may help,” as reported by TOI.

However, the Vadodara city Congress has issued open threat to the restaurateurs in connection with the proposal. Vadodara Congress president Narendra Rawat said “This is not the correct way to protest. If any restaurant mentions about scams on their menu cards, we will protest in their premises. If the workers lose their temper and the restaurant is ransacked, we are not responsible for it.”

Rawat added that “Such hotel owners seem to be hand in gloves with BJP and they are making it a political issue. They should be ready to face ire of Congress workers.”

Modi attacks Cong from Kalmadi’s turf

Modi chose to launch an attack on the Congress over the scam-hit CWG games from the home turf of its disgraced Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi


Under fire from , Gujarat Chief Minister today mounted a counter offensive, targeting it over corruption and the ordinance on food security, saying the scam-tainted CWG games “destroyed national honour in the eyes of the world”.

“Two countries hosted two games…South Korea hosted Olympics and India the . While Korea brought honour to itself through the Olympics, our nation of 120 crore people lost its honour in the eyes of the world,” Modi said addressing students and faculty at the Fergusson College here.

“One country uses sport to bring laurel to itself among the global community and another brings itself dishonour,” he said.

Significantly, Modi chose to launch an attack on the over the scam-hit CWG games from the home turf of its disgraced Organising Committee Chairman .

He also took a barb at the over the food security ordinance, being touted as a “game changer” in the run up to the next Lok Sabha elections.

The Food Security Bill is the largest initiative of its kind in the world and brainchild of party president Sonia Gandhi.

“They have brought before the nation a food security bill and are claiming as if a meal has already come on the plates,” he said.

Referring to growing cyber crimes, Modi said his government has set up world’s first Forensic Science University in Gujarat.

“Now will say what is new. Mind you, I am not talking about courses in forensic science being taught in colleges and universities. I am talking about a Forensic Science University, which is the first of its kind in the world,” he said.

Modi, who had earlier in his speech said he would not talk about politics, chose not to speak about his “Puppy” and “Hindu Nationalist” remarks made during an interview to a news agency recently, which has brought him in the line of fire.

Without naming Rajiv Gandhi, Modi referred to the late Prime Minister’s remarks about ushering in a new India in the 21st century, saying, “Our ears have got tired of hearing about the 21st century. Did anybody have the vision about how to take India into the 21st century.

“If anybody had a vision about how to take India into a new millennium, we would not be standing where we stand now,” he said.

Modi lamented the “atmosphere of despondency” in the country but said “I have not lost hope.”

The Gujarat Chief Minister, who was recently elevated as BJP’s election campaign committee chief to lead the party’s challenge in the next year’s Lok Sabha poll, also targeted Indian diplomacy under -led UPA government.

“I am amazed that we have no friends left in the neighbourhood,” he said.

Amid talks of raising Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the defence sector, Modi said, “the country spends more on importing defence equipment and arms than we do on petroleum products. Do we not have engineers who could manufacture weapons for us, or do we not have the steel to produce such equipment. I tell you, our engineering colleges don’t have defence engineering as a subject.”

Ishrat Jahan case: Modi will soon be exposed, says Congress

With CBI holding as “fake” the 2004 encounter of Ishrat Jahan in Gujarat, Congress on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on Narendra Modi saying “truth speaks for itself from the rooftop” and claimed that the chief minister’s role in such encounters will also be exposed.


“He (Modi) will also be exposed some time. Truth comes out at one point or the other. Truth speaks for itself from the rooftop. Someday, you will come to know of the real face of the Gujarat Chief Minister,” AICC general secretary Madhusudan Mistri told reporters.


He was reacting to the CBI charge sheet in an Ahmedabad court that the 19-year-old Ishrat Jahan was killed in a “fake” encounter. The agency named seven police officers in its charge sheet in the case, saying it was a joint operation by Gujarat police and the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau.

Mistri said all “the people from Gujarat know that this encounter was fake. During a period of three months, when there was talks about removing Modi as Chief Ministers, such encounters took place with frequent intervals propping up a theory that there was an attempt to murder Modi”.

The AICC general secretary, who hails from Gujarat, also said sarcastically that “no one comes to kill Modi since some of the police officers went to jail”.

Rejecting BJP’s charge that it was doing vote-bank politics in encounter cases, Congress questioned the intent of BJP in defending IB officer Rajinder Kumar over his role in Ishrat case.

“CBI is a central agency. So is IB. Why they (BJP) are defending the IB officer? What interest they have in protecting the IB officer? Why they are doing it? What is their intent,” Mistri asked, adding that the CBI inquiry in this case is not taking place at the behest of Congress but as per orders of the Supreme Court and high court.

Party spokesperson Meem Afzal speaking separately steered clear of questions over the political fall out but maintained that the party wanted law to take its own course and “culprits to be brought to book”. “The blood of innocent speaks loudly and reveals the identity of the killer,” he said.


Police probe threat to India’s richest man


Mukesh Ambani at the India Economic Summit 2007

Mukesh Ambani at the India Economic Summit 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Indian police are probing a threatening letter sent by militant Islamists to India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, for supporting a nationalist politician, police and reports said on Thursday.


The Mumbai Mirror said Indian Mujahideen had threatened to harm the head of the Reliance Industries group for backing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who is expected to make a bid to become premier in polls next year.


Reliance is a major investor in Gujarat and Ambani hailed Modi as a leader with a “grand vision” as well as calling him a “brother” at a major business conference in Gujarat in December.


The letter, delivered to a Reliance office in Mumbai, also accused Ambani of grabbing land belonging to a state-run statutory body to build his 27-storey residence in the city, believed to be the world’s most expensive private home, according to the newspaper.


Police confirmed they were investigating the letter, without giving details of its contents.


“We got the letter yesterday and we’re verifying all the facts and an inquiry is going on,” Mumbai police spokesman Satyanarayan Choudhary told AFP.


Indian Mujahideen has been blamed for several recent deadly attacks in India, including the recent twin attacks in southern city of Hyderabad, which killed 16 people.




Gujrat CM #Modi to address India Today Conclave 2013 on 16th March 2013

Shri Modi to address India Today Conclave 2013 on 16th March 2013 at 8 PM


At 8 PM on the evening of Saturday 16th March 2013 Shri Narendra Modi will address the India Today Conclave 2013. Shri Modi will speak on ‘The NaMo Mantra’ and the talk will be followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.


Shri Modi is one of the most anticipated speakers at the Conclave. Both mainstream and social media are eagerly awaiting Shri Modi’s talk at the campaign.

You can watch Shri Modi’s speech LIVE on the website. You can also follow @narendramodi_in for real time Tweets of  Shri Modi’s speech.

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