Old Inventions You Wont Believe Happened

1 This Handy Face Protector


These aren’t for cosplaying Spy vs. Spy. And although they look ideal for maintaining a healthy anti-social distance, they’re not for that either. They’re actually face masks to protect your face from the ravages of snow storms. When those razor sharp flakes come hurtling through the air at gale-force speeds, your delicate skin will be protected.

2 These Reading Glasses


These reading glasses were invented in England in 1936. Was reading in bed a lot harder back then? Was sleeping on your side illegal? Maybe an inter-war pillow shortage made propping yourself up impossible. Whatever the reason, we’re sure these were totally necessary.

3 This Piano


Well this is specific. It’s a piano made specifically for the bedridden. Is there a specific type of being bedridden that precludes you from being propped up in front of a regular piano? Yes? Well that small subsection of humanity must be really happy.

4 The Extensible Caravan


Camping in close quarters is the pits. Why not give your next camping trip a little more room with the extensible caravan? We’re sure it’s much easier to drive than it looks. Spending your vacation stuck on the side of the road is sort of like spending it in the woods, right?

5 The Radio Hat


The “radio hat” was invented in 1931 by an American inventor. It was the world’s first boom box and it sold like gangbusters. Unfortunately, almost everyone who bought one was physically assaulted by their roommates or while riding public transportation. Coincidentally, 1931 was also the year that the word “douchenozzle” was invented. We’re not sure if any of that is true

6 Wooden Bathing Suits


These are wooden bathing suits. The principle underlying them is pretty sound. Wood does float and floating does make swimming easier. Unfortunately every decision after that was all wrong turns and crotch splinters.

7 Radio Stroller


This elaborate contraption is called a “radio stroller”. It was invented in 1921 for busy moms. The patent says it’s designed to keep the baby calm and quiet. But it looks more like it’s designed to drown the baby so it just sounds like he’s quiet.

8 This Amphibious Bike


Have you ever wanted to go for a trip out on the lake while riding your bike? With this attractive contraption, you finally can. Well, we’re pretty sure those giant white orbs will keep you floating. We’re not so sure how long those thin, flat tires will keep you on the road.

9 These Swimming Aids


This is another antiquated swimming aid. Apparently, back then, your only choices were wedgies or crotch splinters. We’re surprised anyone went swimming at all. Dry land is better than mortification any day.

10 A New Type of Motorcycle


This one-wheeled motorcycle was invented in Germany in 1925. It’s inventor was looking for a way to make motorcycles more difficult to ride and more dangerous. Despite it’s improvements on the original, the one-wheeled motorcycle never took off. We guess the world just wasn’t ready.

Selfishness v/s. selflessness

One day I, still in my teens, was quite hungry and was about to start eating when my master said, “an old swami has come. He’s hungry and you must give him your food.” I denied. He said, “You won’t die. Give it to him. But don’t give it just because I am ordering you. Give it as an offering of love.” The swami came in. My master said, “I am so glad you have come. Will you bless this child for me?” But I said, “I don’t need your blessings. I need food. I am hungry.”

My master said, “If you loose control in this weak moment you will lose the battle of life.” I helped him wash hid feet and gave my food. Later I found that he had not eaten for four days.

He took the food and said, “God bless you! You will never feel hunger unless food comes to you. This is my blessings to you.”

There is a narrow barrier between Selfishness and selflessness, love and hatred. After crossing it one enjoys doing things for others, without seeking anything in return. This is highest of all joys, and an essential step in the path of enlightenment. A selfish man can never imagine this state of realization, for he remains within the limited boundaries built by his ego. A selfless man trains his ego and uses it for higher purposes.

 Selflessness is the common characteristic that we find among all great men and women of the world. Nothing would be achieved without selfless service.

All the rituals and knowledge of the scriptures are in vain if actions are performed without selflessness.

SOURCE : Living with the Himalayan Masters – SWAMI RAMA

Valentine’s Day Surprise by BMW for Indian Car Lovers – X1 Facelift leaked to be launched on 14th February

BMW X1 has already been introduced into globalmarket earlier which resulted in a huge success. The company has decided to regain the momentum again with the launch of face lifted version of X1 and has launched the same in Indonesia. The company was able to sell more than 3 lakh entities of X1 within 2 and half years from the launch of the vehicle into the global market. X1 is the most sold variant in the X series of BMW so far and thus the company has kept the model untouched for more than 3 years till now.

bmw-x1-exterior-120 bmw-x1-concept-car-pics1

The vehicle has been modified a bit on the outer side in order to make it much aerodynamic. The engine has been left untouched as there is no other better alternative for the 2.0 liter engine in X1. BMW will continue offering the diesel variant as well as the petrol variant of X1 with the same 2.0 liter engine. Diesel variant is capable of producing 150 bhp of power whereas petrol engine is capable of producing 177 bhp of power.

As per the information, BMW might include Start – Stop system in the face lift version of X1 for the first time. The basic design of the head lamps has been modified in this version and the front grill too has been altered. Design of the dash board of the car and interior has also been modified. However, X1 face lift might have a tough fight with the other appealing rival models such as V40 from Volvo that is going to be launched in few months, Mercedes B Class and Q3 from Audi.


GoaOnWheels.com reported recently that BMW is importing the spares of X1 and the vehicle has been getting assembled at the Chennai plant of the company. The assembled X1 face lift vehicles are getting exported to Indonesia through Chennai ports and thus BMW is planning to launch the variant in the Indian market on 14th February. We have to wait until the official announcement from the company gets out.

Maserati GranCabrio MC

Maserati GranCabrio MC

The Maserati GranCabrio MC is 48 millimeters longer than the standard GranCabrio and will adopt a highly sporty and aggressive look. Its front end was inspired by the coupe version of the MC Stradale, while the rear gets a large spoiler, with the third brake light built into the luggage compartment inside the spoiler.The Maserati GranCabrio MC Stradale will also utilize the Coupe’s 4.7 liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 460 HP and a peak torque of 383 lbs-ft at 4,750 rpm. The engine is mated to an automatic six-speed ZF transmission and will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and up to a top speed of 179 mph.

Amazing Wooden Scooter

Beautiful Hand-Made Wooden Vespa
The Vespa scooter has a classically appreciable shape. Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto managed to fashion one from laminated hardwood. The result is stunningly beautiful.

The Making of Wooden Scooter:-

The little scooter is based on an original Vespa which had fallen into complete disrepair, but using long-tested woodcraft techniques a flowing new body was constructed for the runabout. The main spine of the bike is fashioned from steam bent and laminated veneers upon which very nicely carved body work hangs. Even the package tray and seat are made from wood. We would have probably gone with a traditional seat, but that’s just cause we’re a bunch of softies like that. Realistically though, we’re betting this Vespa is now quite a few pounds heftier than when it started out, and the original was not known for its swiftness so despite it’s beauty it’s probably kind of a pig in the performance department. Then again, if something looks that good, we’ll give the zero to sixty times a pass.


Talking Birds

Sometime ago, an African grey parrot was in the news because of his amazing ability to hold intelligent conversation in English. He is reported to have an impressive vocabulary of a little less than 1000 words. Intrigued by this amazing incident, the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) conducted Spiritual research into various details of the parrot and his talking ability. This research was conducted through the highly advanced extrasensory perception (ESP) ability or sixth sense of SSRF seekers. The following are some of the finds of the spiritual research conducted into this phenomenon.

How are birds able to speak?

As a rule, since the basic intelligence of birds is extremely limited (restricted to fulfilling its basic needs of hunger, sleep, sex, etc.), it is impossible for birds to achieve the feat of talking and acquiring an extensive vocabulary. The ability to speak in birds is because they are either affected or possessed by a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) or because the bird is a devolved human being, that is, it was a human being in its past life.

A human being can be devolved to be born into a lower species either because of his own wish or if he has excess of demerits or is cursed by a spiritually evolved person. In fact, Spiritual research has revealed that nowadays 30% of animals are devolved humans.

Why would a spiritually evolved human being wish to take birth in animals or birds?

A spiritually evolved being can opt to take birth in the animal or bird species out of his own free will to pursue his spiritual practice undisturbed by the distractions faced in a human birth. It is possible for spiritually evolved beings to carry on spiritual practice even when in the animal or bird species because 98% of spiritual practice is subtle and internal to the person, i.e. not in terms of any tangible actions. When a spiritually evolved being takes birth in a lower species, ie. as an animal or a bird, it is up to him to also decide when to end that existence.

Why is this parrot able to speak?

In this particular case, the parrot’s ability to speak and to acquire an extensive vocabulary is because he is a devolved human being.

He has not come down of his own free will. Hence, he does not remember his past human birth. He has come down as punishment for his demerits. He was a person at a spiritual level of 30% with intense desire to be the centre of attention. A strong attention seeking habit also results in a demerit as it enhances the ego, which is detrimental for spiritual growth.

- ssrf

Bird Intelligence — The Hummingbird

They have tiny brains.  But if you measure intelligence by the “encephalization quotient” of brain-to-body ratio, the hummingbird is the most intelligent of all animals –including us!  Not convinced?

Weighing less than an American nickle, the hummingbird is a stripped-down jet-plane of a bird — carrying only enough fuel for a few hours of flight and devouring up to five times its own weight in nectar every day.  In cold weather it can shut down its jet-engine metabolism, dropping body temperature from 105 to 54 degrees (F). Flying backward or hovering in mid-air makes the hummingbird seem as brainless as a dragonfly, but in spite of its diminutive size, this is bird packs a lot of intellectual firepower.




Hummingbird songs are as complex as any songbird — extending into the ultrasonic range.  The birds may visit 1000 flowers a day, and their foraging efficiency is greatly improved by an accurate recollection of which plants contain the most nectar and how recently they were visited — showing Hummingbirds are capable of the episodic memory that is thought to signify human awareness.  Hummingbirds have terrible tempers, and will viciously fight each other for territorial rights — battles that can be decided within milliseconds.  Nerve signals travel slowly, and humans require huge chunks of time to merely register a stimulus.  Because of its smaller size, Hummingbird brains are capable of lighting-swift thoughts — and if you measure life by counting heartbeats, their life-span is comparable to ours.  However, they must surely hold us slow-witted mammals in contempt.  And why not?  In all of nature –the Hummingbird owns the swiftest mind.

10 Best Tips on How to Impress a Girl

When you find that specific and particular girl, you always want to impress her but scared of getting her offended. But guys it is 21st century and most of the guys find it really hard to impress a girl, and when that girl is the one you want; you always end up in having your shaking legs and speechless mouth.
There are ways to impress a girl that will make the girl want you more and notice you more. And it is Valentine’s Day coming too, hurry up and read the post below, the tips guys need to impress girls are here!

impress a girl 10 Best Tips on How to Impress a Girl

1.    Make a cool appearance

It is very necessary to make a cool and neat appearance of you whenever you go in front of that girl. It will look great to her and of course yourself.

2.    Never Show off

Girls actually hate the show off thing; don’t ever put a fake appearance or something that you are not. Be yourself and do your best. That will surely impress girls.

3.    Respect and Admiration

Always respect and admire the girl, because girls love when you admire them, treat her with kindness.

4.    Meaningful talk

While talking to her don’t discuss controversial issues and don’t talk endlessly. Especially discuss things that have her interest and surely will catch your attention.

5.    Take interest in her interests

Listen carefully to whatever girls says or in which she has interest. Respond to the talking quickly and throw back the questions to her to make her keep talking about that subject.

6.    Compliment

Compliment her on her eyes, attire, hairs, looks and talking style, don’t talk about how hot figure she has. Girls love it when they are complimented on the looks or other features.

7.    Respect her friends

When it comes to colleagues and friends, girls are very possessive about them, either you like them or not try to become the good guy that respects her friends.

8.    Politeness

Always try to act politely and have the best behavior, because these two things can make you a perfect guy.

9.    Humor

Be humorous sometimes, because girls love the humor factor about guys, crack jokes but only then when it is required otherwise try to take things seriously.

10.    Be a good listener

Be the one who can give a shoulder to her when she is sad, as girls are always emotional so make her laugh with your jokes sometimes and listen to her always.

World’s Most Scenic Roads

Travelers who believe the journey to be as significant as the destination, road trips have long offered them incredible, breath taking views and have also catered to the sense of adventure. The best driving roads in the world are the ones that have a faultless mixture involving difficult and complicated bends, long fast straights, little or no traffic by any means and most importantly- spectacular views! The twists and turns of these roads might be a pain but the incredible feeling you get after you’ve conquered them will want you to try it again and again.

Here is a list with the most beautiful roads in the world to drive on. We give the readers a fair warning: These images are outrageously beautiful and have known to provoke wanderlust in those who gawk upon them.

Stelvio Pass, Italy:

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

From the eastern Alps in Italy, the Stelvio Pass Road connects the Valtellina with Merano and the upper Adige valley. Motorists keenly face the challenge of its sixty breakneck hairpin curves at 9045 feet and the pass is the second highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. The ascent to the pass starts just outside Bormio and continues straight into the realms of rugged peaks and dazzling alpine flora.

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

The road is regarded as one of the most challenging roads in the world by many car enthusiasts and the scenery it provides is absolutely breathtaking.

Combe Laval, France:

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

Often called as the most magnificent road in the French Alps, Combe Laval was constructed in 1897 and was originally constructed to serve for the transportation of timber. Mainly attracting cyclists today who are eager to face the challenge of a steep climb and be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the Vercors region.

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria:

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

“The Grossglockner – Biker’s Heaven” is what you can read in a brochure unfolding the route. Certainly, motorcycles braving the hairpin bends are a common visual here, but cars are equally welcome. The road curves over a distance of forty-eight km and leading to the Kaiser Franz Josefs Hohe visitor Centre where from you get an unobstructed view of Austria’s highest mountain – the Grossglockner (12460ft/3,798m), and its extensive glacier, the Pasterze.

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

Start your eventual driving experience at Bruck or Heiligenblut by paying a toll of Euro 2800 for a private car or Euro 1800 for a motorcycle. If the price seems to be high, don’t worry as the magnificent high alpine scenery more than makes up for the expenses.

Transfagarasan, Romania:

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

The Transfagarasan (yes, that is the exact spelling, we are not making that up) is the highest and most dramatic paved road from Romania. Built by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu between 1970 and 1974 a sa strategic military route connecting the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. The Transfagarasan represents 90 km of twists and turnsrunning North to South across the tallest sections of the Carpathian Mountains between the highest peaks of the mountains in the country.

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

On top of the mountains this road provides entree to Balea Lake, a glacier lake which has been here for a few Emerils. It also has a 1 km long tunnel going straight through the mountain’s top. The north end of the road is the most impressive and is dotted with steep hairpin turns, long S curves and sharp descents combined with an utterly dramatic view!

The Guoliang Tunnel Road:

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

Built by 13 local villagers in a span of five years (only!) in the Taihing Mountains the Hunan province of China, The Guoliang Tunnel Road was carved from the mountains. The tunnel road is 1200 meters long, 5 meters high and 4 meters wide and was opened to traffic in 1977. This tremendously gorgeous scenic route was dubbed “the road that does not tolerate any mistakes” and is a key destination on the Chinese tourism map.

World\'s Most Scenic Roads

14 Most Incredible Natural Waterfalls

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt01

As you know that nature photography is one of the best ways to create an appreciation of nature. Nature photography is so enjoyable that it can lift your mood and make you feel good. Nature pictures can also create a particular mood to the viewer such as comforting, relaxed, cheerful, happy or dark. Knowing the mood you want to communicate helps you know what kind of elements you need to add to your picture. Here are some really incredible waterfall photographs captured by Cecil P Whitt.


Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt02

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt03

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt04

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt05

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt06

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt07

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt08

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt09

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt10

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt

Nature Photography By Cecil P Whitt12


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